Research and Goal Setting

Research and Goal Setting

As with any project, it is important to do proper research and set goals before beginning. By setting goals, it will help the website to have a direction and will also help your business to achieve specific accomplishments. The planning and goal setting process could take about 1-2 weeks to complete. It is a very important first step to creating a website that sells. There are a few questions you should ask yourself during this phase:

What do I hope for my website to accomplish?

Who is the audience I would like to target?

What are the main goals of the website?

By setting goals for your website, you will be helping the site to have a clear direction and purpose. This is important to the rest of the steps. When setting your goals, you should think about outlining what you would like the rest of the steps to look like. Step 1 will guide you through the rest of the process smoothly.

The research part of this step has a few different purposes. There are so many examples out there that it might be beneficial for you to look at and use some of the websites of your competitors. This can help you to determine what you want and don’t want your website to have. It is also important to do some research on the target audience you hope to draw in.

Different age groups may be looking for something different when they visit a website. Understanding what your audience wants is crucial to planning the rest of your website. It is also important to research keywords you’d like to use with your website. By developing your website with SEO in mind, you will save yourself a lot of work in the future.